1. Padre Snowmizzle

    Hayday (RAID) 1.0.1

    Head to a haybale warehouse and compete to have the most junk in your trunk. Alright, let me level with you lot for a minute. We are f*cking begging for table scraps when it comes to funding. Turns out gravel isn't as big as those brothers thought, big surprise there, right? RED and BLU arrive...
  2. August101

    dm_henrys_rock a1

    Deathmatch in a underground spytech warehouse. Based off of the payday 2 level of the same name. Custom content will be added here as it's added
  3. Robogineer

    Killbox a3

    A very small arena map set in a training course type warehouse!
  4. Venesis

    Facility 0.2.0

    This is my first map and it is an indoors one. The map takes place in a Mann Co. warehouse where both Red team and Blu team will try to sneak each other's intelligences in the delivery trucks. Have fun.
  5. Maximum_Bloop

    Anyone have a good forklift model for TF2 I could use?

    I have a map that I've been working on and I need a forklift for it. The forklift model I downloaded won't work so I need a replacement model or precise instructions on how to make the original model work (the original model had missing textures)
  6. Trotacielos

    sk_warehouse 2020-09-07

    A TF2 take on the famous map from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater "Warehouse" for the 72 Hour Jam. Made by Trotacielos and Gongi. Trotacielos: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Trotacielos/ Gongi: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gongiii/
  7. TheFluffycart

    De_Fortress a4

    Welcome to De_Fortress. This is a map originally made for the April Fools competition, which I am giving a proper name now as to let it breath a bit. De_Fortress is going to be on hold for now, but feel free to check it out and leave feedback or reviews
  8. DrLinnerd

    Alpine V1

    A warehouse in the alpines. A basic KOTH map with a flank door that opens for the team that doesn't have the cap.
  9. BurgerWithOnion

    prop_warehouse A2

    Hello! This is my first Koth map! Now in alpha 2!
  10. kazkazz

    koth_berryville b2a

    Berryville b2a - This map is made for Competitive and Casual play. I tend to make changes based on personal feedback, but leave your thoughts about this map in the comments.
  11. Wilfire

    MvM Warehouse 2019-08-05

    72 Hour Jam? more like, 32 hour Jam Custom Assets Used: Dusk till Dawn Skyboxes https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dusk-till-dawn-skyboxes.7608/ End of the Line Prop Pack https://tf2maps.net/downloads/end-of-the-line-prop-pack.1005/ Frontline Asset Pack http://frontline.tf/pack.html Neon Sign...
  12. DrLinnerd

    Warehouses A1

    small map consisting of two warehouses, includes multiple (two) flanks with symmetric design. working on adding a train that goes through the warehouses.
  13. Arenovas

    koth_distribution A18

    This is a WIP King of the Hill map set in a warehouse yard during the night. The center point is housed within the central building.
  14. Brunsauce


    This is one of my first maps I've created in hammer. The map is not near being finished, this is just an early version of it (I plan on expanding the map with some new areas, or redoing some parts of it and also add much more detail). If anyone decides to test it out I'd appreciate feedback and...
  15. Some_J_Name

    koth_loading bay a3

    This is my 1st ever attempt to make an actual map for tf2. All I really care about is whether the gameplay is good. I was originally going to make the map completely indoors, but i thought that the way it is now looks better. RED and BLU accidentally built their shipping warehouses right next...
  16. Tuddlesᴹᶜᴰᵒᵒᵈˡᵉ

    Past 72hr Jam Entry CTF MountCleft A9

  17. Clone5184

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Industrialwalk A1 (Reupload)

    A single stage A/D map made for the 2016 72 hour Jam. A fairly simple map that takes place in and around a warehouse and other assorted buildings. Credit to Rexy for the Forklift model.
  18. Mathyaz

    Empty Hallways (koth_wharfcrane)

    One of the things I got for feedback from the gameday on 3/20 was that the map felt really, really large. I considered that something I knew already since I had only built the layout. I hadn't got much criticism other than that and that the map felt empty. So, the majority of the stuff I've been...
  19. wCiaran

    King Of The Hill Warehouse a2

    My first real map, most likely bad but I'm pretty proud of this one. It features a fork lift elevator (that I'm still surprised works as well as it does) and large open middle point. I feel like I did a pretty good job giving it an open feel while still limiting sniper sight lines and adding...
  20. ISPuddy

    Ceiling Fan 1.0?

    [:eek: WARNING! : THE STUPID F2P AHEAD!] do like some not spytech theme? old barn/warehouse/HOUSE?/ this model will give you the theme ------------------------------------------------------------------------ this model is from sfm but the model are only 1 skin...