King Of The Hill Warehouse a2

Fight for control of the Mann Co. Crate warehouse!

  1. wCiaran
    2016-03-05_00004.jpg 2016-03-05_00005.jpg 2016-03-05_00006.jpg 2016-03-05_00007.jpg 2016-03-05_00008.jpg 2016-03-05_00009.jpg 2016-03-05_00010.jpg 2016-03-05_00001.jpg My first real map, most likely bad but I'm pretty proud of this one. It features a fork lift elevator (that I'm still surprised works as well as it does) and large open middle point. I feel like I did a pretty good job giving it an open feel while still limiting sniper sight lines and adding cover. I intend on moving the spawns back and changing to map to fit the viaduct formula a bit better in the future, but for the time being i'm working on the mid point.

Recent Updates

  1. More traditional layout
  2. Up-to-date version