koth_distribution A18

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koth_distribution A18

A WIP King of the Hill map set in a warehouse yard of sorts.

This is a WIP King of the Hill map set in a warehouse yard during the night. The center point is housed within the central building.
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King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Smallest Update

    Changelog: -Made it playable again
  2. Oh heck, an update?

    Changelog: -Removed clipping from tops of fences in the side middle routes to open the map up some more as a test -Changed some light colors to match map ambient light -Adjusted doorway sizes for the mid route buildings on both sides -Changed...
  3. Pretty Small Update

    Changelog: -Slightly adjusted the space outside both spawns for a bit of future design planning and perhaps some gameplay. -Some pointless small detail adding near and in the spawn. -Replaced some dev texture walls on the upper left routes with...

Latest reviews

You got a good head on your shoulders in terms of design, but the health pack placement around the containers is a little much. Also, when you walk into the building, there's a small raised area behind a crate that looks like a perfect dispenser or teleporter spot, but it's *just* small enough not to fit. I played about a half hour with bots, and it was great!