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De_Fortress a4

Wemade to be better mistah

Welcome to De_Fortress.
This is a map originally made for the April Fools competition, which I am giving a proper name now as to let it breath a bit. De_Fortress is going to be on hold for now, but feel free to check it out and leave feedback or reviews
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Latest updates

  1. Map Rename

    Now that April Fools is over, welcome to De_Fortress. This is possibly the last update for now, but I wanted to make the title something reasonable, rather than that long name.
  2. Trade_MLPFactory_RP_A4

    -Lowered setup time -Made a class unplayable. No, just no
  3. Trade_MLPFactory_RP_A3

    -Spawn rooms were completely broken. Fixed the respawn rooms -Added a nobuild onto the point. -Upped the power of the vents to help players not get stuck in it. -Fixed a hole leading to the void in the sewers -Added lighting to the back hallway...