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  1. Ashe_tfwiki

    Pickup Timer (Particle Based) 1.01

    I always wanted to make a timer for pickups, but it was very tedious with Hammer logic. Now that we have VScript I finally managed to make it. To use the script: * You must add "timer_particle_script.nut" to your logic_script entity. If you don't have one, create it. * You must have a particle...
  2. autumn_zephyrs

    zz_*_koth_timer entity I/Os

    I'm making a map in which I want to be able to speed up the koth countdown timer if a team has achieved a certain goal. I can't find any information about the required entities here though: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Tf_logic_koth If anyone has any info about these entities it'd...
  3. therealflyguy

    Opening doors on control point unlock (KOTH)

    On a koth map I'm making, I want to have two large blast doors near either spawn open when the control point enables. I already have the brush set as a func_door, but I see no option for it to start disabled. Any ideas?
  4. Kepler

    CTF Overgrown A1

    A CTF map with a 6 minute timer (+1 minute on capture) that ends the game in a stalemate if both sides haven't won by the time the timer has ended and where the flag returns to base within 5 seconds of being dropped.
  5. pont

    CTF Timer Logic v2

    Adding a game timer to CTF by default will force a stalemate at 0 regardless of score, or will be in overtime until both flags return to base. This fixes that, as well as a few other things. This was a lot of work to set up, so I would appreciate a thanks somewhere if you've used this / adapted...
  6. r0nii

    How to make custom hud for map? (solved)

    I have made a map which are bit like capture the flag and are almost done. the flag spawns and 30seconds after the flag spawns will explode and the flag will reset. Its unfair because you don't know when will explode till you will count down. Do anyone knows how to make custom hud and put it...
  7. AlphaOwl

    Timer/Objective Triggered Doors

    HI TF2 Mapping community, I Haven't made a TF2 map in a year, but I decided to give back to all this dedication and by being inspired by some of the stuff that was pumped out this year for content. I'm currently working on a Player Destruction Map located in the South Pole, which is owned by...
  8. Cindycomma

    Can you Pause a countdown timer on KotH?

    Hello TF2maps Community! I have yet another question. Is it possible to pause the timer on KotH? I'm trying to make an event map where when the players enter the underworld, the point is uncapped and the timer stops, but I cant figure out how to stop it. Feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  9. Midlou

    [Prefab] Pickup Timer V2

    Model Based (Kodus to Zeus3005) Includes: Small Ammo pack Medium Ammo pack Full Ammo pack Small Health Kit pack Medium Health Kit pack Full Health Kit pack Feel free to use it as you want Made by me
  10. arthurgps2

    How do I make that Watergate countdown thing?

    So I'm working on a PD map, and I've got almost everything set-up to start making the map, but I wanna know how do I make that countdown timer we can see in Watergate, that turns the capturezone on and off after an amount of time. I even took a look at the tutorials in TF2Maps and the Steam...
  11. Szpaj

    problem with end of the round

    So, i have already team_round_timer entity. And, when time ends nothing happens - even stalemate or something. How to fix this?
  12. suber36g

    Tf2maps date problem

    I was just scrolling though the bottom of the recently updated maps and then I look at the dates, it say 29 August 2015. So unless dozens of dozens of maps were released on the same day, the website got a problem.
  13. White Russian Bear

    How could I reset the middle control point with a randomly timed entity?

    Hello! I'm working on the finishing touches to my King of the Hill map, and I've planned for something I think is unique. Basically, what I've planned was for the map to be centered around this half-industrialized German Villa, and they're fighting for the middle, which is the villa's main...
  14. Peppridge Farms

    Some odd questions

    Okay so to star with: Most of these questions I searched the internet for and the forums here, and I didnt find anything close to what I needed. Please provide some step by step instructions for whatever you CAN answer 1.) Can/how do you make fog lift and come down again, similar to what...
  15. Peppridge Farms

    TF2 logic_timer

    So I recently completed almost everything on a map I am making for my group, a halloween themed map. However, I set a logic_timer entity to fire even 120 seconds which will spawn tf_zombie (skeletons) entities as well as one skeleton king. I can get it to spawn them once but the timer wont reset...
  16. Z

    logic_timer help

    How do I set the logic_timer to reset the timer, say if I want it to fire and activate an entity or a spawner every 60 seconds?
  17. Potada

    A question about respawn times.

    So, I'd been thinking about a new game mode idea, but I need to know something regarding respawn times. Is it possible to have it to where a player or team's respawn time increases by a certain amount depending on a player on that team's death? Ex.: A Scout on Blu starts out with a 3 second...