Timer/Objective Triggered Doors

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    HI TF2 Mapping community,
    I Haven't made a TF2 map in a year, but I decided to give back to all this dedication and by being inspired by some of the stuff that was pumped out this year for content.

    I'm currently working on a Player Destruction Map located in the South Pole, which is owned by Ol' Nick. The mercs collect presents from the deaths, and drop them off in the slave dungeon workshop, located below the facility.

    Now my main concern is that I want to create a functioning door when the timer ends, a pit middle will open up, where you can drop down into the workshop and collect your points. However, with a lack of experience and knowledge, I don't really know what to do for it. I've tried looking at other maps' vmf files, without any success. Does anyone know a method that can help me figure this out?
    Thanks, AlphaOwl
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    Try to decompile pd steamed hams it is like that
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    You can have an output firing from the timer, which I believe would be OnTimer <your door> Open and OnTimer <timer for door, set to how long you want it open for> ResetTimer + OnTimer <door timer again> Enable

    In your door timer, you'll want OnTimer <your door> Close, OnTimer <your main timer for counting between door opening times> ResetTimer + OnTimer <door timer> Disable

    I think this is all you'll need for this
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