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    Okay so to star with: Most of these questions I searched the internet for and the forums here, and I didnt find anything close to what I needed. Please provide some step by step instructions for whatever you CAN answer

    1.) Can/how do you make fog lift and come down again, similar to what actually happens in nature. I wanna make the fog come down to the map the same time as certain bosses or other enemies spawn

    2.) How can I set up a logic_auto timer to refire every X seconds?

    3.) How do I set the light_env to not show the "sun" in the sky?
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    1 I cant answer.

    2. use a logic_auto to trigger a logic_timer to trigger a logic_relay. though i don't know how to I/O

    3. it doesn't. it's either an env_sun, or the sun is in the skybox.
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