team fortres 2

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    Hot Pipe 2020-09-07

    head cosmetic item for Pyro
  2. Fall Guy 1968

    They meet. 1

    They meet. Credits: Facepunch, Making GMod Mister Prawn, Porting The Fall Guy To GMod
  3. Live4Fun7369

    A Busy Day On Dustbowl 1968 2020-09-06

    An Old photo from the Gravel Wars. Software used:Source Filmmaker Paint Gimp
  4. shhheep

    Winter Flower Soldier 2020-09-07

    Winter soldier holding a cracked pot :) Maybe... weaponized plant. Oraa.
  5. LegatusRift

    Shadow Moses 2020-09-01

    A deathrun map for Team Fortress 2
  6. Cryotheum

    Special Map Request [Paid]

    First off, hello! I've used these forums and read these mostly wonderful threads for quite a while, but never had the need to post anything until now (thus, I have just made an account). I am writing a co-op gamemode for Team Fortress 2 in SourcePawn called nZombies. It is based off of the...
  7. Mr1up

    tf2 loading error and hammer

  8. Random Crit

    Anti-Unusual Propaganda 2019-08-04

    Heavy doesn't want to open unusual. Author (I am):
  9. Live4Fun7369

    Once Upon a Time... In Teufort 2019-08-04

    TF2 72H Summer Jam Entry Software used:Source Film Maker Gimp Paint Feel free to check out the movie poster that its based on: Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
  10. ✘─│─ʀ.Karate II

    The Team 2019-08-03

    For the 72hour jam, made in Gmod!
  11. Ragz

    my medic 2019-08-03

    I was tired of the sourse of the film, so I decided to try to draw in paint. Do not judge strictly.
  12. Ragz

    We Come Here For Medals 2.0 (Team) 2019-08-03

    My favorite team with which I experienced a lot. We play euro silver div. The post was created in 8 hours.
  13. Perry

    Wash Release Candidate 2

    Late into a stormy morning, the Blue Spytech workers pick up a transmission coming in from RED; final preparations for a full on missile strike onto the only BLU base in the area, wich just so happens to house a bomb, and a cart. Though meny attempts where made, this could be BLU's only chance...
  14. PyroMedicinal25

    Let the fires burn 2018-07-30

  15. PyroMedicinal25

    Let me heal you :) 2018-07-30

  16. BiedroN

    Soldier refreshment. 2018-07-30

    I decided to remake one of the mercenaries from the game. The model has been remeshed and also retextured from zero giving a brand new high detailed looking. Model can be even given to the game and actually playable, but I don't have time to writing some .qc files and stuff! I will not...
  17. Left_4_Pillz

    Andy War Hole: Mannanas 2018-07-29

    Hello everyone, this is my second year contributing to TF2's 72 hour jam. This year I made an Andy Warhol styled piece featuring the second banana item from TF2.
  18. LadyIceBear

    My TF2 Fan-Comic 2018-07-28

    Credits: Spy Model by Valve Enhanced Fem Scout by JinnyTM All the props that were in here were made by either Valve or Face Punch Studios.
  19. Chupin Goloso

    Minimalist Samurai Soldier 2018-07-27

    A Beautiful Draw
  20. °SpukI°

    FURY, but with the TF2 characters 2018-07-27

    this is my first time on the 72h jam, I hope everything goes well :) tank: Enhanced Soldier: scout jacket...