team fortres 2

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    Mercs Glasses 2021-12-20

    All class and paintable and jiggleboned.
  2. Live4Fun7369

    Smissmas Truce 2021-12-20

    Smissmas Truce TF2 72HJam 2021 Software Used:Source Filmmaker Gimp
  3. IcyRiver

    koth_topsoil v5

    A King of the Hill map featuring a number of indoor and outdoor routes to organize a push from or get behind enemy lines. This is my first attempt at creating a TF2 map, and I have been chipping away it for a very long time. I have plans to also eventually create a slightly edited version of...
  4. DoodleDon

    One sided windows

    Hello, I'm new to mapping nut have wanted to map and program for a long time. I have been watching UEAKcrash's tutorials about mapping but he didn't talk about one certain thing that I need, one sided windows. I want to be able for one team to look out of their spawn and see the outside, but...
  5. CyanideNoodles

    JOB looking for ported animal crossing models

    Hello! I am looking to pay someone to port some stuff into tf2 models for me. So I need some new leaf and animal crossing new horizon models for my halloween map. Models will be every new horizons tree and all the fall items and a few other items, including dlc . Will pay more if I add more...

    Hot Pipe 2020-09-07

    head cosmetic item for Pyro
  7. Fall Guy 1968

    They meet. 1

    They meet. Credits: Facepunch, Making GMod Mister Prawn, Porting The Fall Guy To GMod
  8. Live4Fun7369

    A Busy Day On Dustbowl 1968 2020-09-06

    An Old photo from the Gravel Wars. Software used:Source Filmmaker Paint Gimp
  9. shhheep

    Winter Flower Soldier 2020-09-07

    Winter soldier holding a cracked pot :) Maybe... weaponized plant. Oraa.
  10. LegatusRift

    Shadow Moses 2020-09-01

    A deathrun map for Team Fortress 2
  11. Cryotheum

    Special Map Request [Paid]

    First off, hello! I've used these forums and read these mostly wonderful threads for quite a while, but never had the need to post anything until now (thus, I have just made an account). I am writing a co-op gamemode for Team Fortress 2 in SourcePawn called nZombies. It is based off of the...
  12. Mr1up

    tf2 loading error and hammer

  13. Random Crit

    Anti-Unusual Propaganda 2019-08-04

    Heavy doesn't want to open unusual. Author (I am):
  14. Live4Fun7369

    Once Upon a Time... In Teufort 2019-08-04

    TF2 72H Summer Jam Entry Software used:Source Film Maker Gimp Paint Feel free to check out the movie poster that its based on: Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
  15. ✘─│─ʀ.Karate II

    The Team 2019-08-03

    For the 72hour jam, made in Gmod!
  16. Ragz

    my medic 2019-08-03

    I was tired of the sourse of the film, so I decided to try to draw in paint. Do not judge strictly.
  17. Ragz

    We Come Here For Medals 2.0 (Team) 2019-08-03

    My favorite team with which I experienced a lot. We play euro silver div. The post was created in 8 hours.
  18. Sir Perry

    Wash Release Candidate 2

    Late into a stormy morning, the Blue Spytech workers pick up a transmission coming in from RED; final preparations for a full on missile strike onto the only BLU base in the area, wich just so happens to house a bomb, and a cart. Though meny attempts where made, this could be BLU's only chance...
  19. PyroMedicinal25

    Let the fires burn 2018-07-30

  20. PyroMedicinal25

    Let me heal you :) 2018-07-30