team fortres 2

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  1. Depressed Boi

    Labor town 1.2.0

    The level consists of two points or bases namely red base and blue base where the players start their game from. The red base are the ones defending their base and the blue base are pushing the payload towards red. The route of the payload goes through the level but interaction zones are at...

    Program broken or just me

    So i tested this program on git hub and it converts a vmf into a obj and i need it to be obj beacuse i want to import it into unreal but 1 proplem when i use the program and convert the vmf to obj then import to unreal it says the file is empty... i think its me lol here the github for the vmf...
  3. FateFighter


    How can I correct these errors and which particles are they? Attemped to precache unknown particle system "contract_score_primary"! Attemped to precache unknown particle system "contract_score_bonus"! Attemped to precache unknown particle system "contract_completed_primary"! Attemped to...
  4. FateFighter

    Soundscape no music

    Why can't I hear this music?
  5. FateFighter

    disable skybox

    how can i disable 3d skyblock in multiple areas?
  6. FateFighter

    Details help

    Can someone tell me the details of BLENDGROUNDTOGRASS007?
  7. FateFighter

    info_player_teamspawn help

    My question is, can someone help me with how to solve it, there are 2 spawn places for both teams, but I want to use one of the spawns only when they are in the trigger and the players die there, and I also know that trigger_player_respawn_override and info_player_teamspawn are needed . If...
  8. cruster®

    Russian Bear VS American Boot 1.0

    Payload race... kinda. Hope that you like it. :) Posted on my deleted account before the deadline. Just a reupload. Welp not much here, because completely forgot about the Jam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Team Fortress 2: Kitchen Update 0.228

    A visual novel about the strangest event in the strangest world! Take part in the fate-deciding culinary contest among mercenaries and find out what will happen in the end! DEVELOPERS JUST MONIKA. - code ( El Mexicano Bandito - screenwriter...
  10. Альберто

    Parody cover "Poster" 2022-07-24

    Это пародия на обложку фильма Форсаж 7
  11. BoraY

    Evil Dead Fortress 1

    "Good ? Bad ? I'm the guy with the gun." Evil Dead TF2 poster made by BoraY. Made in SFM and Photoshop. Inspired by this Evil Dead 2 scene (so cool) Entry for 72hr Jam 2022 Custom assets used: -The War Saw Fact (TF2 Chainsaw) -[TF2] Force-a-Nature Uncut -Soldier Revised -[TF2] Refined Metal...
  12. Bower

    The team's day out 2022-07-22

    The red team is all ready to go to the beach *Scout convinced them to put bonk on their weapons*

    Mercs Glasses 2021-12-20

    All class and paintable and jiggleboned.
  14. Live4Fun7369

    Smissmas Truce 2021-12-20

    Smissmas Truce TF2 72HJam 2021 Software Used:Source Filmmaker Gimp
  15. IcyRiver

    koth_topsoil v5

    A King of the Hill map featuring a number of indoor and outdoor routes to organize a push from or get behind enemy lines. This is my first attempt at creating a TF2 map, and I have been chipping away it for a very long time. I have plans to also eventually create a slightly edited version of...
  16. DoodleDon

    One sided windows

    Hello, I'm new to mapping nut have wanted to map and program for a long time. I have been watching UEAKcrash's tutorials about mapping but he didn't talk about one certain thing that I need, one sided windows. I want to be able for one team to look out of their spawn and see the outside, but...
  17. CyanideNoodles

    JOB looking for ported animal crossing models

    Hello! I am looking to pay someone to port some stuff into tf2 models for me. So I need some new leaf and animal crossing new horizon models for my halloween map. Models will be every new horizons tree and all the fall items and a few other items, including dlc . Will pay more if I add more...

    Hot Pipe 2020-09-07

    head cosmetic item for Pyro
  19. Fall Guy 1968

    They meet. 1

    They meet. Credits: Facepunch, Making GMod Mister Prawn, Porting The Fall Guy To GMod
  20. Live4Fun7369

    A Busy Day On Dustbowl 1968 2020-09-06

    An Old photo from the Gravel Wars. Software used:Source Filmmaker Paint Gimp