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Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Cryotheum, Nov 29, 2019.

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    First off, hello! I've used these forums and read these mostly wonderful threads for quite a while, but never had the need to post anything until now (thus, I have just made an account). I am writing a co-op gamemode for Team Fortress 2 in SourcePawn called nZombies. It is based off of the Garry's Mod Gamemode that was released quite a while back under the same name. I understand Hammer quite well, but I am not very artistic when it comes to making a map. I need a map with no tf_logic point entities and some specific info_target point entities and possibly brush entities.

    For payment, I'm willing to negotiate the payment and it will be USD and ideally through PayPal, but I am willing to pay with other methods like keys or a steam game. If you are interested and/or want more information, please contact me (and feel free to) by my Discord: Cryotheum#4096