team fortres 2

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  1. Tingler

    Need the smallest map possible

    By this, I just mean a small textureless square
  2. CyanideNoodles

    Looking to hire someone to make textures and or animate

    I am looking for someone who can make textures I have into blends and overlays for my tf2 map. I am ALSO looking for someone who can animate models for me for tf2 maps and/or make player models via animations and or assigned bones. You will be paid in keys or cash depending on what you prefer...
  3. Daddy Leon

    Dating is the first step to a relationship 2017-08-07

    Dating is the first step to a relationship. ( ・ω・)☞ Bush medicine for the TF2 jam softwares used: SFM and My Paint lilybouquet by celestialdarkmatter butterfly by unconid map by Gun Pow and Abby Sakura Tree by Freyja and E-Arkham
  4. dogwave

    Summer 2017 72 Hour TF2 Entry 1

    there's too many
  5. SnyDDer Bitter

    Scout and Pauling 2017-08-07

    felt rushed for me but it's Ms. Pauling in a silly cartoonish comic style and Scout in a much different style feeling less cartoony but still with that feel
  6. Leveori

    TF2 - Dropship 2017-08-07

    PL_Frontier is worth every part of this fight
  7. RoboPants

    Nope 2017-08-06

    I'm not good at art so I just tried to be an artist and got this.
  8. [C]тепан SKINOMANIA.NET

    Party 2017-08-05

    this is my first job
  9. redemer19

    A True Artist 2017-08-04

    So, this is my entry for the 72 Hour TF2 Jam!
  10. Minimus Ambus

    thunderrock A18

    Listen up maggots! There comes a day in every mans life when he makes a choice that will change... what was the line...he makes a choice that will change the course of history. While the brave men making those choices are off on shore leave, you will be dropped into hostile territory. You will...
  11. Left_4_Pillz

    sky) Fuji overcast 2017-03-05

    Made by Tlba for the 72hour contest, with permission from YM Have fun!
  12. alejandra diaz

    Meet ze doktor! 2017-02-13

    I was making a mini sculpture(bust) of the medic but I couldn't finish it at time :( So i made this draws, I really love the Medic is my favorite class!! (and also the sniper) I put 2 images, one you have to download and the other is in the preview or attached files (they're different trust me)
  13. [H$] GM-17

    72hr Jam 2022 The swag scout B| 2017-02-13

    Scout have hard swag B|
  14. miloman99

    koth_snowvalley_b6 2017-02-12

    koth_snowvalley_b6 is my entry for the 72 hour tf2 jam. its pretty rushed but the gameplay elements are there. be on the lookout for hidden stuff
  15. [TF2A.U.]Danisaurio01

    72hr Jam 2022 My Demoknight 2017-02-12

    This is my artowrk for my demoman is a very good loadout if you want to play tf2 in medieval map
  16. The Fancy Fedora

    72hr Jam 2022 "Mission ends in 10 seconds!" 2017-02-11

    A picture of Heavy shooting from the point with Spy in the background about to win the game. This one isn't my favorite and it was difficult to get the minigun in Heavy's hands to look right but I think the result was worth the time. Picture on my Steam Profile...
  17. Z

    72hr Jam 2022 [SFM] One hell of a fight 2017-02-11

    The poster toke me 2 hours to make in SFM while im sick so hopefully this should do for the entry. the hard part is trying to figure out which maps or places in TF2 would fit the scenery you are making but im glad that i've found a good spot. also the poster is rendered in 4K.
  18. SnyDDer Bitter

    72 hour jam Dustbowl Scout Dash 2017-02-10

    my submission to the winter 2017 Tf2 72 hour jam
  19. T.A.R.F.U in A.W.R

    (Solved) Pointfile going through a skybox brush?

    I was compiling a map that me and a friend are working on with VBCT and It stopped the compile saying there was a leak, so i go load the pointfile only to see this: Can anybody here tell me what this means?
  20. Twist.vmf

    the dreaded 666ping

    will the tf2 team ever address the fact that not all its players have a perfect ping? For example, I love to play team fortress 2, but i live in the middle of nowhere USA, so the internet gives me a rage-inducing 666 ping to play with, so whatever i do will always be 1 to 2 seconds behind anyone...