One sided windows

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L2: Junior Member
Nov 22, 2020
Hello, I'm new to mapping nut have wanted to map and program for a long time. I have been watching UEAKcrash's tutorials about mapping but he didn't talk about one certain thing that I need, one sided windows.

I want to be able for one team to look out of their spawn and see the outside, but the other team can't see into the spawn. Like in Swiftwater or Thundermountain with thier windows.

Again, I'm new so please respond in the most basic way possible.

Ty in advance!


Sep 3, 2018
It's actually just a non-transparent texture on one side for outside part, and a transparent texture on the inside (to look out of).

An easier way to think of it is it the inside of the window is rendered as transparent, but when you see it from the other side, it's non-transparent because the texture is solid and you can't see through it.

(A real-world example is one of those one-way mirrors for interrogation (if you've seen those criminal drama shows). Just think of them as textures!)