Multi Stage Wizard's Lair Stage 1 a1

Stage 1 of a simple Multi-stage Event KOTH map

  1. DoctorDoomtrain64
    The Mercs are invading Merasmus' castle since the old wizard is not allowed to have a single easy day! Stage 1 sees the Mercs attempting to break through his front door! Which team will break through first?

    Also thanks to DatGmann and blaholtzen for the special resupply lockers
    Thanks to the creators of Frontline for the fall leaves ground texture


    1. koth_lair_event_stage1_a10000.jpg
    2. koth_lair_event_stage1_a10001.jpg
    3. koth_lair_event_stage1_a10002.jpg
    4. koth_lair_event_stage1_a10003.jpg
    5. koth_lair_event_stage1_a10004.jpg
    6. koth_lair_event_stage1_a10005.jpg
    7. koth_lair_event_stage1_a10006.jpg