Demokart Badlands

Demokart Badlands A3b

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Demokart Badlands A3b

First test map made for Demokart

Welcome to Demokart! A dumb idea with an even dumber execution!

The basic idea is simple, it's a racing map where everyone is charging like a Demoknight, and the only way to damage each other is through spells.

Featuring custom items/spells:
  • Crockets: Fires 3 critical rockets in the direction you're looking
  • Bomb: Drops a bomb that deals massive damage
  • Heal: Heals you completely, and can overheal you!
  • Speed Boost: Gives you a 6 second speed boost
  • Fake Flask: Creates a fake item flask that stuns players that run into it
As well as some super items, given to you if your team is losing by 5 points or more:
  • Über: Makes you invulnerable and faster for 10 seconds
  • Lightning: Stuns and shrinks all enemy players!
Arrows on the floor are boost pads.
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First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    Fixed cloaking not being removed when you pick up an item Added voicelines when players use Engineer speed pads
  2. Small fixes

    Removed the glowing from the flags Made the Lightning item particles be parented to the player
  3. The update outta nowhere

    Didn't expect to see an update to this map? Me neither! I tried a lot of things in private (ranking system, off road, using actual bumper karts, changing more spells) but nothing really sticked until I discovered 'thanks to Leezo) that you could...