desertmap a1

For lack of a better name; probably gonna change later on

  1. Bull
    Figured I should start on a new project, so here is pl_desertmap! That name is absolutely terrible, I know, but I'll think of a better one later on. It's better than the previous name, which was 'newshit_a1' so I'd say there's an improving line!

    Map is a basic one-stage payload map with your basic layout and all that. Nothing special yet going on, had a first playtest already. I'm going to add more flanking routes and make everything prettier later on.

    Feel free to download the map and provide me with feedback/ideas. Generally, feedback about bugs is welcome but keep in mind that the map is only in Alpha and bugs won't really be an issue till Beta.

    20170108183239_1.jpg 20170108183248_1.jpg 20170108183253_1.jpg