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lodgement A3

A Frontline-style map set on a beachhead, leading up through a town.

pl_lodgement (formerly known as pl_wartorn before realising that the name is extremely ununique)

A Frontline-style map. Attackers start on a beachhead and advance through a town and finally towards a cliff finale. A train-line explosion is planned for the finale destruction.

My first proper, serious map that isn't part of any contest.
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Latest updates

  1. the "we broke it, chuck a train in" update

    completely re-did last point various clipping fixes added a train more flank routes less stupid spots removed landmines
  2. A2a - "You were supposed to bring balance to the map, not break it!"

    A2a - "You were supposed to bring balance to the map, not break it!" - fixed one slow door in RED's back spawn - speaking of back spawns: made the respawn room actually work omg - i repacked and everything how could I miss this stupidity
  3. A2: the "Mines-B-Gone" update

    - removed mines - made shortcut door to D one-way - removed OP teleporter and sentry spot from back - for that matter, removed entire back flank route, because it was useless - made dead-end room less dead - clipped underneath stairs (dangit...