Uskuu A3

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Uskuu A3

RED is trying to repair their bridge, it's up to BLU to stop them.

Taking inspiration from various maps brings Uskuu! BLU has to reach RED's repair site, which has been closed off rather well. This single-stage payload map has every feature you might could maybe ever want (probably not, but still).

  • Death pit! (cause why not?)
  • Cliff! (for your airblasting desires)
  • Doors! (Like Snowycoast)
  • Dynamic routes! (Like Badlands)
  • Single RED spawn! (Like Badlands)
  • Water! (Oh no!)

20161113190528_1.jpg 20161113190601_1.jpg 20161119172848_1.jpg 20161119172901_1.jpg20161119172842_1.jpg 20161113191039_1.jpg 20161113190626_1.jpg 20161108203943_1.jpg 20161108204022_1.jpg 20161119172834_1.jpg 20161119173504_1.jpg 20161108204213_1.jpg
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Cliff Reworked

    Most of the changes were around the ciff section, and the screenshots will reflect that. >General -Improved skybox -Fixed some playerclips, made some props not solid, some smoothing -More Signs -More Detailing -Adjusted...
  2. Emergency Hotfix

    Realized there was a playerclip I forgot to change when redesigning the final door area. Needless to say, I fixed the resulting exploit. (also tweaked 3d skybox a tiny bit)
  3. Area Overhauls and Feedback changes

    Woah there are alot of changes. Probably optimization is the most important one (maybe?). Either that, or the complete redesign of some areas. Hopefully I didn't make the sightlines worse :/ Read the changelog if you wanna (tl:dr at the end)...