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  1. Emil_Rusboi

    Siege Ohio a5a

    "Secure the objective" gamemode from Rainbow 6 Siege recreated in TF2! BLU team trying to attack RED farm building and secure the container As RED player, defend the container until certain amount of time or kill all BLU players! As BLU player, find the container and secure it or kill all RED...
  2. Estlib

    siege_snowtown v2_1rc

    Greetings, this is literally my first map in tf2 called siege_snowtown. It takes place on a snowy hill with a "town" on it. The gamemode is siege, if you have ever played paladins, you would instantly recognise this gamemode. If not, then this is what siege is - two teams fight over a point...
  3. red3pit

    Siege Downwards a3

    Small siege map. My second 72hr Jam entry.
  4. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    SIEGE_Crystalline a17

    Cap the point and push the Payload in this snowy (eventually) siege map. A game mode mimicking the same mode from Paladins. I loved the game so much, I thought i'd make a map out of it. Built up from a prefab made by Construction Zombie, because otherwise i'd be there forever working out how...
  5. BigfootBeto

    Medieval Siege Machine A6

    Forsooth thee, here ye hear ye something something medieval payload. Want to siege a castle, but said castle has walls? Well look no further as we have provided you with a siege machine! This particular model is known as a Siege Tower, and by the time we're done explaining its many features...
  6. Construction Zombie

    Siege Gamemode a3

    The siege gamemode is a hybrid of a modified KOTH and a single stage payload. This gamemode preforms in many of the same ways that the siege gamemode in the game Paladins does, as a result the KOTH doesn't play like a normal tf2 KOTH but instead like a control point that needs continuous player...
  7. Billo

    Rainbow Six Siege Map Idea

    Especially recendly i am playing a lot This Game , i find it very interesting and fun , and i thought you know what? i would love to play rainbow six in team fortress 2 , and if you think about it, it is actually possible. of course it needs a new logic for the map , to allow only 6 classes 1 at...