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Siege Gamemode a3

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Siege Gamemode a3

a needy KOTH in the middle, with a payload to push into the enemy

The siege gamemode is a hybrid of a modified KOTH and a single stage payload. This gamemode preforms in many of the same ways that the siege gamemode in the game Paladins does, as a result the KOTH doesn't play like a normal tf2 KOTH but instead like a control point that needs continuous player attention to count down.
Construction Zombie
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Latest updates

  1. a3 hotfix

    This one's small, so small that if anybody is using a2, they can change their file themselves if they desire. If two or more people die at the same time on the capture point, the trigger that counts how many people are standing on it will only...
  2. a2 update

    Vast improvements on everything, to see it in action, check out siege_waldhofen_a2b.