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Siege Ohio a5a

Rainbow 6 Siege gamemode recreated in TF2! 2020 Jam entry

"Secure the objective" gamemode from Rainbow 6 Siege recreated in TF2!

BLU team trying to attack RED farm building and secure the container

As RED player, defend the container until certain amount of time or kill all BLU players!
As BLU player, find the container and secure it or kill all RED players!

2020 Summer Jam Entry
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Operation Cornutopia Hotfix 1.0

    Added cover to several points Removed no builds from top of the crates and added them to top of all hatches Changed sign Added picks inside building Added full pickups just near blu starting points
  2. Operation Cornutopia

    Did some layout changes fixed biohazard container glow Disabled medic from dronning during prep phase changed pickups windows are now more larger