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  1. Diva Dan

    More Halloween Barricade Walls 2

    Carnival barricade walls from "Carnival of Carnage", separated and with more colors. Comes with 5 models for texture variation, along with 6 skins for different colors- -Green -Purple -Red -Blue -Orange -Black Also comes with a better optimized collision mesh.
  2. Cyberen

    Reflecting models in the water?

    I've been trying this in different maps but it seems that there's no documentation on this. Can water textures reflect static models? Also, is the complexity of my map causing the reflection to lag? Should I just swap to a cheap water? Because I have $cheapwaterstartdistance in the VMT but it...
  3. Pdan4

    Props with improper lightmapping

    [RESOLVED] Hey y'all, I'm running into a very strange issue with props for my In & Out Detailing Contest entry. I've had props that were properly lightmapped before, but now ignore light_env except for its ambient. They almost look black... almost. Regular lights work fine, but this stuff is...
  4. NutRubber

    Trouble with 3rd Party Props

    Hi there, I've been tinkering with Hammer the past couple weeks and have been developing a test map which is basically a house disguised as nothing but a glorified cube. I downloaded community made props for the map to add more variety. I asked a friend if she could upload the map to her server...
  5. Generalisk

    Player Prop's???

    Hi, I Wanted To Have A Spy On My Map Wearing A Set Of Cosmetic's Doing Nothing But The Luxury Lounge Taunt. I Would Like To Make It Uninteractable (So The Actual Player's Would Just Clip Through This & Cannot Shoot Or Kill It) I Know I Sorta Can Be Done As There Are Uninteractable NPC's On...
  6. Tumby

    Tank001 Blue Edit 2020-10-09

    Description: Blue edit of props_2fort/tank001.mdl. Has 2 skins. Skin 1 is more satured than skin 0. Includes: models/props_2fort/tank001_blue.mdl (and other relevant files) materials/models/props_2fort/tank001_blue0.vtf + .vmt (skin 0) materials/models/props_2fort/tank001_blue1.vtf + .vmt...
  7. FGD5

    Diner Models V1

    Diner themed stuff made during the 2020 72hr Jam. Includes: Tables and chairs Dining booth Stools Fridge, oven and kitchen counter Diner doors Neon signs Hotdogs, Burgers and Milkshakes Napkin holder, salt shaker and sause bottle Tray with and without napkin Tile textures Comes in 5 different...
  8. ButteredSideDown

    Problem with prop recognition in hammer

    I have this issue where if i don't get close enough to an entity or a prop, it gets replaced with a big colourful box covering it. This makes it incredibly hard to make out which of my props and entities are which, plus it makes it difficult to pick out props that i need for my map.
  9. Dokta Whawee

    How do I put the Rick May tribute Statue in my map?

    So, I am making a map for the first time, and I was curious as to how i'd put the rick may statue in my map. I have seen it in custom maps, so how would I do it? Thanks!
  10. Bri

    Bri's Retrofuturistic Vehicle Pack 1.0

    Hi. I am relatively new here and uploading this for a peer to use, so the formatting on here won't be pretty. This is a three pack of workshop vehicles that I made for the SFM workshop. This pack includes: The Dosh Galore (as seen in Heavy is Dead) The Sweeper The Baby Bee Each folder has a...
  11. scalseHUN

    In hammer for me props aren't showing properly on the cameraview. Pls help!

    The props are showing for me like this if I am a bit further and if I am close it loads properly, what can I do to see the props properly in the camera view, all the time? Please someone help me.
  12. moonchaser26

    random prop pack 2019-12-01

    first attempts at modelling and learning implementation process they are not properly optimized and have a messy folder structure, so beware
  13. Tio Spy

    Help with props

    *Sorry for bad english* Hello, i need some help to place some hats at mine map, all the hats dat i put on, are white or stock skin, there is any way that i can put an paint? like an Pink As Hell. Another thing, how can i turn it to an unusual? i want to place an hat dat it is painted with pink...
  14. 8BITek

    I Have a "yellow" props

    The problem is that from a distance I have them yellow and when I approach a certain distance, I can see them normally
  15. Sailaser

    Resource Pack Errors (Solved)

    Hi, I just installed the Japan Resource Pack into my custom folder by following the readme text file in its folder and when I try to view the .vmf props map, all the props show up as errors. Is there a fix for this?
  16. hutty

    Hyperline Props v1

    Includes all the custom assets made for ctf_hyperline. Including the blimps. Note that some of these assets are from my other maps so they are split between 3 folders. ctf_hyperwire (old name of hyperline) ctf_urbanbrook (the camera rail prop) ctf_lakebed (new artpass is current unreleased, shh...
  17. Mystic Monkey

    Animating custom NPCs?

    I would like NPCs in my map, but I have a feeling it's not as simple as putting in a npc_citizen and hope for the best. I think the logical approach woild be to have an animated prop_dynamic substitute as an NPC. Problem is the characters I want to use does not have the animations I need. I was...
  18. squeezit

    Generic Farm assets v1

    Includes custom textures, patch decals, and models. Would like credit if used :)
  19. Z

    I dunno A1

    see tag line
  20. GamertheNoobz

    Is there a limit on how many prop_[enter prop type here] can be in one map?

    Hello, I am a new mapper and am making a map! It is a forest map and so I copy and pasted prop_static trees all over the map (Not of the same model, mind you) and when I load the map some of the trees do not show up in game. I am sure that my red circle thing in 2D view is on the props, they...