Tank001 Blue Edit 2020-10-09


  1. Tumby

    Blue edit of props_2fort/tank001.mdl.
    Has 2 skins. Skin 1 is more satured than skin 0.


    models/props_2fort/tank001_blue.mdl (and other relevant files)
    materials/models/props_2fort/tank001_blue0.vtf + .vmt (skin 0)
    materials/models/props_2fort/tank001_blue1.vtf + .vmt (skin 1)


    Insert the folder "tank001_blue" in your game's "Team Fortress 2/tf/custom" folder.
    By installing it in the custom folder, you can easily delete it later.

    Alternativly you can also merge the contents of "tank001_blue" with your tf folder directly.
    This method will make it a lot harder to remove later. I do not recommend it.

    tank001_thumbnail.png tank001_comparison.png