Bri's Retrofuturistic Vehicle Pack 1.0

A 3-pack of retrofuturistic TF2 inspired vehicles

  1. Bri

    I am relatively new here and uploading this for a peer to use, so the formatting on here won't be pretty.

    This is a three pack of workshop vehicles that I made for the SFM workshop.

    This pack includes:

    The Dosh Galore (as seen in Heavy is Dead)
    The Sweeper
    The Baby Bee

    Each folder has a materials and models directory that you can plop wherever you have your custom models and materials stored (for SFM at least). These are not meant to replace anything. These are here in case mappers wish to use these in their maps.

    If anyone uses these, all I ask for is some credit wherever it may be.



    1. RNI-Films-IMG-7C0878C7-4A88-45E4-B74B-E7360E84BEEE.JPG
    2. RNI-Films-IMG-6AD7EC10-AB4A-44ED-8188-942053730D28.JPG
    3. Babybee.png
    4. matteposter2.jpeg
    5. beeside.png
    6. sweeper.JPG
    7. duo.JPG
    8. engine.JPG
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