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  1. Katsu! :3

    Multi Stage Probowl rc1

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Probowl! Probowl is a "Pro" version of cp_dustbowl, created by @zythe_. The map has a multitude of changes to hopefully make it more viable for both Standard and Competitive play. Until recently, the map was available via the steam workshop! MAJOR CHANGES: - A...
  2. xobile

    Proworks V1a

    Original map by Ian "ScorpioUprising" Cuslidge Skybox by Aeon "Void" Bollig Edit of Metalworks intended for competitive play. Map is currently being run in ozfortress Sixes Season 35. If you have any other questions or want to run the map in a cup/season feel free to reach out to me on...
  3. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Proyard b2

    PROYARD The successor to Brickyard Created in June 2021, the map aims to improve gameplay for the competitive season. Brickyard issues were found during the PASS Time Federation Season 2 tournament and got fixed in this map.
  4. xobile

    KotH Proside

    xobile submitted a new resource: Proside - A rework of Lakeside Read more about this resource...
  5. xobile

    Proside V1

    I thought I'd have a crack at reworking some aspects of lakeside as a fun side project. Any feedback is appreciated. Changes include the addition of a new walk way up to point (boardwalk), retextured blu side to help distinguish it from red and alot of the packs have been adjusted/moved or...
  6. ImSS

    Newkon (cp_yukon Pro) a2

    Newkon is a revised version of cp_yukon designed for competitive play. Below are the major changes sorted by general location. Beyond major layout changes, the lighting, clipping, and optimization have been generally improved for high-level play. -----Major Changes by area----- Middle: -...
  7. harris0n

    pl_problitz rc2

    Thank you Fubar for creating the original Barnblitz Pro This version of the map is not associated with Fubar and has been made with his permission. A full changelog can be found HERE If you are interested in watching some (outdated) gameplay, you can watch that here I am currently looking for...
  8. sunryze

    foundry pro2

    The map nobody asked for. Thanks to Gatsan for feedback and interest in development. General - Removed clutter - Adjusted area portals - Changed the round timer to 10 minutes - General optimisation improvements Mid - Shifted health and ammo for better rollouts - Blockbullet clipped stairs...
  9. Collaide

    Refresh: cp_gullywash f9 thread "Refresh" is a series aimed at making maps more suitable for competitive TF2. We took the opportunity to use our experience to fix the issues with map geometry as well as minor aesthetic and performance improvements. We humbly invite you to try out these changes and offer...
  10. LaughableNineSeal44

    Double Cross Pro Pro

    - A Capture the Flag map with a night theme. Type Map Double Cross Pro, the double this is competitive tournaments are do you anyone with a cross. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack More Vehicles by FGD5 Special Thanks: Original map made by Valve
  11. SunriseWatchWater

    2Fort Pro Pro

    - A Capture The Flag Map with a farm theme. Type Map 2Fort Pro, the fort do you with a intel room. Custom Assets: Custom Computers tankcar02a by AsG_Alligator Midwest Mills Sack Stack by Zeus3005 Covered Hopper Car by Freyja More Vehicles by FGD5 Special Thanks: Original map made by Valve...
  12. SunriseWatchWater

    Gorge Pro Pro

    A 2CP Attack/Defend Map with an alpine theme. Type Map Gorge Pro, you're are frontline that's this is with a gorge. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack Special Thanks: Original map made by Valve
  13. SunriseWatchWater

    Multi Stage Dustbowl Pro Pro A1

    A Multi-stage Attack/Defend map with a dustbowl theme. Type Map Dustbowl Pro, do you and this is with a dust. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack Special Thanks: Original map made by Valve
  14. SunriseWatchWater

    Sawmill Pro Pro1

    - A King of the Hill map with an alpine theme. Type Map Sawmill Pro, the saw do you have through is this made never ago with a saw in the middle. I'm sorry everyone what something and that about good luck. Custom Assets: The Frontline Pack Giant Sequoia Trees by EArkham Special Thanks...
  15. Neketo

    Combine A1

    It's competitive Turbine. Thus, it's Combine. If professional Viaduct can be called Product, then I say this pun is acceptable. While playing Valve's Competitive Mode, I have suffered through more rounds of Turbine than I'm proud to admit. The design of the map is restrictive, in the way only...
  16. biskuu

    cp_badlands_pro B1

    I'm not sure if I'll keep the Alpine theme of the map yet, but it looks pretty nice and clean. It also boosts framerate as some lights, detail props, rocks and grass has been removed. Also not sure about the changes to last point's cap time but we'll see. Badlands has a lot of stupid stuff that...