Refresh: cp_gullywash

Refresh: cp_gullywash f9

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Refresh: cp_gullywash f9

Significant streamlining changes to cp_gullywash_final1 primarily aimed at competitive thread

"Refresh" is a series aimed at making maps more suitable for competitive TF2. We took the opportunity to use our experience to fix the issues with map geometry as well as minor aesthetic and performance improvements. We humbly invite you to try out these changes and offer your feedback, so that together we are able to increase the quality of the competitive map pool.

This version of cp_gullywash has hundreds of small changes which significantly improve competitive suitability and ease of mapping.

Changes include, but not limited to:
  • All lamps are nonsolid (except the ones on the fence on 2nd).
  • All railings in playable areas are now nonsolid. (Including next to spawn, and in the lobby next to the pack, and also the wooden handrail on 2nd.)
  • Improved clipping everywhere.
  • Added block bullets on most walls/surfaces.
  • Skybox height is now the same everywhere on 2nd.
  • Skybox height is now the same everywhere on the map.
  • Prop door frames swapped for brush door frames.
  • Two shutter props replaced with brushes.
  • You can’t hold the spawn doors open.
  • Last ceiling is now functionally flat.
  • Marked capture areas now accurately represent the control point trigger.
  • Remade the map from scratch. Aligned everything to the hammer grid.
  • Added additional areaportals.
  • Removed brushes of unplayable and invisible areas like behind the big door shutter and inside the mid windows.
  • All props and hiding spots are now mirrored.

The original map cp_gullywash was made by Jan "Arnold" Laroy.
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