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Newkon (cp_yukon Pro) a2

Pro version of cp_yukon, designed for competitive play

Newkon is a revised version of cp_yukon designed for competitive play. Below are the major changes sorted by general location. Beyond major layout changes, the lighting, clipping, and optimization have been generally improved for high-level play.

-----Major Changes by area-----

- Middle bridge lowered
- Large walls and ceiling of houses removed
- Some wires removed for improved visibility

Middle to Second:
- Right cliff in choke raised to improve rocket jump potential
- Removed right protruding rock to reduce obstructions to bombing soldiers
- Slightly recessed cliff clipping for improved movement

- Cliff arch/pillar cut out to create new platform to contest mid
- Wooden panel removed and log added at choke to provide access to new platform
- Wood planks on platform side of point removed for vision/movement between platform and point

Second to Last:
- Tunnel greatly expanded into a lobby
- New lobby includes raised concrete platform and small health/ammo
- New passage underneath second bridge added to last, exits underneath pipe bridge on last
- Passage includes a room with health and ammo

- Awning above shutter removed for improved vertical movement
- Point moved to inside of the tower
- New cliff cutout added next to tower
- Extra rock-based cover added to exit of flank tunnel
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