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Gorge Pro Pro

A 2CP A/D Map to the alpine theme

  1. SunriseWatchWater
    A 2CP Attack/Defend Map with an alpine theme.

    Type Map Gorge Pro, you're are frontline that's this is with a gorge.

    Custom Assets:
    The Frontline! Pack

    Special Thanks:
    Original map made by Valve


    1. cp_gorge_pro0000.jpg
    2. cp_gorge_pro0001.jpg
    3. cp_gorge_pro0002.jpg
    4. cp_gorge_pro0003.jpg
    5. cp_gorge_pro0004.jpg
    6. cp_gorge_pro0005.jpg
    7. cp_gorge_pro0006.jpg
    8. cp_gorge_pro0007.jpg
    9. cp_gorge_pro0008.jpg
    10. cp_gorge_pro0009.jpg
    11. cp_gorge_pro0010.jpg
    12. cp_gorge_pro0011.jpg
    13. cp_gorge_pro0012.jpg
    14. cp_gorge_pro0013.jpg