Multi Stage Probowl rc1

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Multi Stage Probowl rc1

What do you mean this is from 2018?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Probowl!

Probowl is a "Pro" version of cp_dustbowl, created by @zythe_. The map has a multitude of changes to hopefully make it more viable for both Standard and Competitive play. Until recently, the map was available via the steam workshop!

- A rail bridge has been placed in the S1CP1 area to make transitioning over each side of the ravine easier.
- Relocated the Control Point on S1CP2 to outside the "Death Box" building. Reworked the area into an additional route for BLU to attack from, with a new added exit at the back that leads into a new staircase that leads from the new point location to the roof of RED spawn.
- Added a staircase to the defender's side of S2CP1 to replace the prop jump that was originally required.
- Added a forward spawn for when S2CP1 is capped, being directly underneath the control point.
- Added a third entrance to the cavern transition area between S2CP1 and S2CP2 to not force players into extreme chokes.
- Extended the platform of S2CP2 a bit to make combat there not as scuffed.
- Added a staircase into RED's high ground on S3CP1.
- Added an additional bit of area to RED's high ground on S3CP1 to allow for more interesting combat.
- Added another exit to RED's forward spawn route on S3CP1 that directly views the control point.
- Added a staircase to the forward high ground in the transition area between S3CP1 and S3CP2.
- Added a doorway between RED-side Ammo Room and RED forward highground in the transition area between S3CP1 and S3CP2.

Permission has been granted by @zythe_ for this reupload, if you don't believe me then talk to him.
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