cp_badlands_pro B1

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cp_badlands_pro B1

badlands pro version

I'm not sure if I'll keep the Alpine theme of the map yet, but it looks pretty nice and clean.
It also boosts framerate as some lights, detail props, rocks and grass has been removed.
Also not sure about the changes to last point's cap time but we'll see.
Badlands has a lot of stupid stuff that should've been fixed ages ago and compared to the level of polish that other maps like Process and Gullywash have it is trash.

- Changes -

• Fixed Spire collision mesh
• Fixed rails on Mid to splash properly
• Fixed all stairs to splash properly
• Fixed sticky bomb exploits
• Fixed railings in Lobby and last to have disabled collision for bullets and projectiles
• Fixed an invisible edge on Shithouse that messed the Valley to enemy Balcony wall jump
• Fixed the stairs on Choke to surf normally
• Fixed hiding spots on Last and Second point
• Vents
• Edge and Lamp on top of Last
• Lower Left Lamps
• Small Edge next to Balcony
• Powerbox on Second point
• Buffalo Skull thats only on RED House
• Grain elevator on BLU Valley​
• Fixed Last capture trigger to not extend beyond the capture zone
• Changed Last capture time from 1 second to 1.2 seconds

Animated air intakes were created by Apom.

I take no credit for this map, other than doing some clippining, adding/removing a few props, brushes, textures and entities

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Last update
Symmetrical CP

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