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Gila 2023-12-09

It's a Monster

2 stage payload created for TFConnect 2 Double Trouble.

Stage one created by Kinneb
Stage two created by MegapiemanPHD
Extra Gameplay Overlays Pack by Lizard of Oz
First release
Last update

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. do yourself a favor and play it on console if you're going to play it at all

    STAGE 1 Added a small building in the middle, fixed clipping issues with spawn doors Fixed Clipping on warehouse roof Layout tweaks to A to give more cover and interrupt sightlines STAGE 2 Closed fence that could be jumped over between A and B...
  2. A mobile freemium remake

    STAGE 1 -blocked some sightlines -shortened blu spawn -fixed issues with props and clipping -scaled down a few areas STAGE 2 -attempted to make points other than C easier to defend -removed rollback zone between B and C shortcut unlock...