Holcan A2

The remake of Underpass, and also the Mayan word for "Warrior"

  1. 14bit
    Holcan is a somewhat unique take on capture the flag. The bases and flags are much closer than usual, but there are doors sealing off the easy way into the intel rooms. As soon as the enemy flag is grabbed, the doors begin to slowly open, providing an easy escape from the base. But be warned, as the doors remain open until the intel is retured, so don't help the enemy score!

    With a layout based on the award-winning* ctf_underpass, Holcan should hopefully play well. Over a year has passed since the last major version of Underpass, and I'm proud to finally present its remake/reskin/update with a different name!

    This game mode/layout is very fast-paced, defense is key to victory.

    Yes, it's way overdetailed for an A1, but it is technically A8 if you count all the version of Underpass.

    Special thanks to @Exactol for the improved torch particles, @Yrr for making the locked door textures, @RaVaGe for putting together the trees, and special thanks to everyone working on the Mayann Project for making some sweet assets!


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