Exposition b5

Mayann ctf map

  1. Pixenal
    Capture the flag map set in a research/ excavation site in ancient Mayann ruins.

    • Mayann Resource Pack
    • Swamp Resource Pack
    • Construction Resource Pack
    • Jungle Assets by Heyo
    • Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A Boojum Snark
    • VIDE

    If there is anything in the map that I have not credited and is not made by me then please feel free to let me know.

    Before giving feedback please make sure it isn't anything listed below, as I am already aware of these issue and they are on my to-fix list for the next version of the map:
    • Optimization
    • Broken prop shadows
    • This is more of a note than an issue but a lot of the lights are still place holders
    • Clipping (there is already some, but more needs to be done)

    Note: Changed the name from Crevice to Exposition as the title was already taken.

    Version: Beta 3