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pl_artifact a3

A mayann project themed payload map

  1. ethosaur
    ATTENTION: Known issue right now is there might be missing textures for models. I am working on a solution.

    A small Mayann themed payload map, includes models and textures from Jungle pack and Mayann model pack.

    Packed with Pakrat, please tell me if it works once you downloaded it.

    Currently Alpha 1, lots of testing needed, your feedback is very valuable! Thank you.

    Also check the map out on tf2maps.net http://tf2maps.net/downloads/pl_artifact.2366/

    The mayann project: http://mayannproject.com/

    Props used: http://www.mayannproject.com/prop_pack

    You can also watch previous streams of this map being made here:

    20160729223541_1.jpg 20160729223547_1.jpg 20160729223536_1.jpg


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