koth_towers a9

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koth_towers a9

First TF2 map layout after switching from csgo, It's only the layout and game logic etc.

Textures are temporary

This is my first TF2 map after mapping a bit on CS:GO, so there is a high chance this map is garbage, but hey, i tried. Currently, It's only brushes, game logic, spawn rooms etc. All the areas you are not supposed to go are clipped off. This map might be sniper hell, but i tried to fix it.
First release
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Update a9

    Updates will be slowed down a lot now, because of school and stuff attached to school. Notable inclusions in this update: -Made the point structure into a hut, to block sightlines and give attackers more cover. -Closed up the dropdown window in...
  2. The very first prebeta update: Grass.

    So the feedback has been a bit low recently, so i decided to make some preperation for the beta face, like cleaning up messy brushwork, and low detailing. Todays prebeta adds grass displacements at spawn, and at the left side of the map ramp.
  3. Update a8

    A smaller update, but a needed one nontheless. -Opened up tunnels to one big room -Brushwork improvements -Skybox improvements -Fixed some exploits where you could see through walls if you rocket jumped high enough.