respawn combat center beta1

respawn combat center beta1 .5

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respawn combat center beta1 .5

an "arena respawn" map

arena_respawn_combat_center is highly vertical map with very little detail (just some textures that will more then likely be replaced) I'm looking for feedback on the layout so I can start making it look pretty so any advice is appreciated.
The map uses the "arena respawn" rules without the need for a server mod thank to "YM" for help with the game logic, however at this time there are still crits when there are 3 or less players on a team as this is low on my priority list. Thank you so much in advanced to anybody who takes the time to critique my map. (screenshot is now accurate)
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Latest updates

  1. texture and clipping update

    texture and clipping update
  2. the "negative space" update

    made some visual changes based on the design philosophy discussed in the GDC conference posted by crash earlier today
  3. extensive layout changes, displacement changes

    a lot has been changed on the interior areas of the map, hopefully its a step in the right direction to not have as many long halls or "soldier OP" areas. The displacement changes in mid where made on a user suggestion and should help to make...