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powercell A8

A payload race map with a twist

PLR Powercell is a small payload race map where the carts cannot move by being pushed. Instead the battery (a re-skinned flag) must be placed into the cart.

There is only one battery on the map so teams must fight over it stealing from the enemy cart and putting it into their own.

If left uncontested a cart with the battery will finish the track in about 3 minutes.
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Payload Race
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Latest updates

  1. The Great Undo

    Changelog: - The A7 layout was a mistake, reverted back to A6 and made some changes. - Track now turns back to the middle of the map instead of ending on a team's side - Old capture area removed - Many modifications to the supporting map...
  2. minor fix

    a7 didn't pack right for some reason
  3. Full layout do-over

    I've scrapped the old layout entirely and built a new one with mirrored symmetry. The gameplay may be a little rough, I think some parts may be too small, but it should be less confusing than the old one. Changelog: Built a new layout from...