UrbanBrook Asset Pack V1a

Assets I made for ctf_urbanbrook.

  1. hutty
    This is the Urbanbrook Asset Pack
    by Lawrence Granroth (hutty, huttyblue)

    This pack contains some east asian city styled assets I made for the map ctf_urbanbrook

    I've cleaned up the names and paths of the assets, they should all be searchable with the term "urbanbrook".
    With the exception of the shipping container and the conveyor maze, none of the props have collisions.

    Feel free to use these in your map but you must credit me.
    If you need help or have any issues you can contact me here.

    Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062721414/
    Discord hutty#2647


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  1. Texture Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Punn Ames Ardum
    Punn Ames Ardum
    Version: V1a
    I have to say this is very good, it seems like all the textures are working for me too! However I feel like the shower heads could be yearning for more props to help fit them into more places (perhaps even making them modular?) Though I must say that everything else is quite lovely and (in my opinion) fits right in with tf2!