dularia A8a

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dularia A8a

a neat ctf map

I'm back with another dis track.
This is a iteration of an older map, so if any of you remember ctf_dualhaven then you are legit og.

ctf_solidwater was a later attempt to make this concept work but it sucked so I built off the latest dualhaven build instead.
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. The Streamliner upate

    In this update I cut unneeded routes and widened/expanded the others, this should help the map feel less like a ball of yarn, somewhat. The vent entrance has been relocated so it will be found by the attacking team rather than the defending one...
  2. The de-mazing update

    I've taken several steps in this update to make the layout read better a the last batch of testers were very confused. Without tossing out the whole layout. The biggest change is tossing the railroad bridge over mid and opening it up. I've...
  3. Layout Update

    Changelog: * Added a new side route to the right * Removed old left side route * Added a new structure to mid * Moved vent entrance to within the base * Added a new spawn door at lower base * Reduced spawn wave times. This update aims to improve...