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  1. BeepSterr

    72hr Jam 2023 diy_highwire a1

    A/D version of cp_highwire where the control points can be moved by red team during setup, Try to hide or put the points in a harder to reach spot!
  2. A Smooth Criminal

    Drought V3

    I went a bit bigger for my second go here. Perhaps too big, but at last I have something that works now. Welcome to Drought, a CTF map on top of a dam! And not just any dam, but the one seen on Hydro! (You better appreciate the connection, I spent like a week just figuring out how to accurately...
  3. Osac

    KotH Yield

    Osac submitted a new resource: Yield - A KotH map with a moving train! Read more about this resource...
  4. Osac

    Yield A2 Fix

    A train heist KotH map! Capture the point to start stealing the train, but beware that enemies can jump onboard, giving them a new route accross the map.
  5. Markus_McCloud

    Medieval Kingmaker Alpha 1

    Medieval mode really needs a bit more love, so I figured why not make a small KOTH map with a royal twist? Every 60 to 90 seconds after the point is first captured, the doors to the throne room will open, and everyone needs to make a mad dash to the throne! For it is stated in the late king's...
  6. Panegyr

    cp_airship_race a5

    Please Note, this is a4_preview of the map, which is not currently functional in basic gameplay as red spawns in a flying ship far away from the action currently, if you want a playable map, please use A3, which is bundled inside the download as well Additionally, this map has only been tested...
  7. cat fish

    KotH Levcore

    cat fish submitted a new resource: Levcore - A koth map with a special gimmick Read more about this resource...
  8. Aulli

    Aulli MC21 a1b

    Capture The Flag!!! ! for Microcontest 21
  9. Conga Dispenser

    pd_blockplaza a4

    Not your typical player destruction map! Knock your opponents out of the map! It doesn't matter how! Knock them high, or just into a pit that has opened up! Hope you like bumper cars!
  10. Opplydead

    dirtvalley 05

    You're tracking mud all over the battlements, soldier! Maybe you should be spending less times playing in the mud and spend more time defending one of many, simultaneously cappable points, or even begin a defense at your last. You never know when the cloak and daggers lurk patiently on the...
  11. what game am I playing

    Bypass b4.1

    Payload map with a gimmick that drives players away from the cart. The gimmick is: before the final point, blue team has to push a button to open the large gate.
  12. Mess About

    radiation a1

    a small (probably underscale) ctf map with a small gimmick : players can attack each other from their intel rooms through a small window (quite a sightline, just make sure to avoid going under the bridge) overview: middle area: attacking route: intel room:
  13. TwinMill

    Shrinkray! A8

    "Sir! We have successfully built a working shrinkray! Problem is, it's HUGE." "Damn. I don't suppose you eggheads know how to shrink a shrink ray?" Welcome to koth_shrinkray! Well the alpha anyway. A simple king of the hill centered around a giant shrinkray, as if the tagline wasn't descriptive...
  14. vulduv

    koth_boom_factory A1

    an april fools map. where the control point expldes
  15. Some Guy you know?

    TwoRickety A2

    A old abandoned shack in the the middle of a pair of abandoned bases is the site of a new battle between the two teams, hopefully they won't get stuck in the mud. Originally a Experiment, this map was spun out into a semi-gimmick map revolving around both teams getting into early engagements...
  16. Da Spud Lord

    Skeleton Strike (Arena Survival) A2

    It's kinda like arena, but with a twist- instead of fighting the other team, you and your team must survive waves of spooky scary skeletons that shiver down your spine! Whichever team lasts longer is the winner! (Screenshots were last updated in A2)
  17. Sarexicus

    Turntabled A3

    An mvm map. The map splits into three parts throughout. When the robots capture the central control point at any time, it will switch the current path used by the robots. Only one path is active at any time. The middle path is objectively the hardest due to its short length. The CP has an 80...
  18. The_Evil_Pickle

    [April Fools] Points Get a1

    This map was built from an orphaned map made by Sergis, so the layout of the map was done by him. I just added a whole bunch of logic entities to give the map some additional features. In your spawn room is a white tile that teleports you to a separate room, shown above. The counter on the...
  19. The_Evil_Pickle

    [April Fools] ctf_dust_storm a1

    A joke map originally made for last year that never ended up getting submitted. Now it rises from the grave to take part in this year's game day! How it works: Each team has a base containing the enemy flag. Deliver it to the enemy base to capture it. Then it explodes. Current weather: Dust...
  20. Etasus

    Maze Co. A666

    I honestly regret making this map so much... It is also one of my most downloaded maps, meaning my most played map... AND I WEAR THAT TITLE LIKE A FUCKING BADGE!!! I WILL NOT DELETE THIS DOWNLOAD!!!!