Turntabled A3

Now, the tables have turned. Literally.

  1. Sarexicus
    An mvm map. The map splits into three parts throughout.
    When the robots capture the central control point at any time, it will switch the current path used by the robots. Only one path is active at any time.
    The middle path is objectively the hardest due to its short length.
    The CP has an 80 second cooldown. (Not shown atm due to buggy logic)

    Popfile based on mannhattan normal due to gatebots being easy to port.

    (Lamp's rope is broken, I know.)

    To play, download the zip and move the scripts to their relative folders. (tf/scripts/population for the popfile, tf/maps for the other ones)

    .nav file only included for fear of not being packed correctly


    1. mvm_turntabled_a10000.jpg
    2. mvm_turntabled_a10001.jpg
    3. mvm_turntabled_a10002.jpg
    4. mvm_turntabled_a10003.jpg
    5. mvm_turntabled_a10004.jpg
    6. mvm_turntabled_a10005.jpg
    7. mvm_turntabled_a10006.jpg
    8. mvm_turntabled_a10007.jpg