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  1. pataya

    Pyro Rush 1.0

    To play the game : Click 'Go to download' Enter the password : airblastpyro Play as the Pyro and use your airblast to clear the levels in this tiny rogue-like experience! Reflect rockets, send your enemies in the void and don't forget to push the cart. Some rails can be rotated to choose your...
  2. Zirk

    Going Straight to the Point 1.0.0

    A 2D platformer game where you have to rocket jump through a total of 23 levels Move with A and D, jump with the spacebar and use your mouse to shoot Want to play? - WebGL Build - Windows Build
  3. Zimennik

    Teufort Survivors 1.0

    Standalone game inspired by Vampire Survivors Let me introduce you to our game: Teufort Survivors! The goal of the game is to survive for 11 minutes while hordes of robots are running at you. Robots drop money for which you can buy or upgrade weapons. The game is made for Windows OS. We can...
  4. Mikroscopic

    Super Slugger Scout Alpha 1.1.0

    Hit balls at the target cutouts to score points. Left mouse button to serve / swing, move the mouse to aim. Hit the ball at the right time and angle for the best distance. Made with the Godot engine.
  5. ThatOneFwoosh

    TF2 item museum 0.1

    A TF2 app that features a two floored museum, secret areas, and a (coming soon) Loadout viewer!
  6. Pretzol

    POOT (TF2 horror game)

    After a 12-hour long stalemate, the Blu spy decides to go for RED's intelligence late at night... Alas, there's someone waiting for him... - Use your sapper to open locked doors! - Your gun and knife are completely useless!! - Unlock the door to the intel!!!
  7. Brogrammist

    Team Fortress Project 2.5 - Penurious Purification 2019-08-05

    BTW THE ENDING IS BROKEN You can find the post jam bug-free release with an accompanying video here! HOW TO PLAY Arrow Keys - Move Z - Shoot X - Use Bonk (Brief Invincibility, recharges over time) Left Shift - Slow down and reveal hitbox Left Control to skip through text In a brief retelling...
  8. hutty

    ErectAMercs a1

    Erect-A-Mercs is a spin on pokemon using the TF2 characters. Although I didn't get far enough along to include everything I wanted to it is playable (locally). Currently you can face off in 1v1, taking turns making moves. You start with fixed teams, although the solider is a bit different...
  9. Kikouille Master

    Scouttasturvat : Moped dismount 2019-08-05

    My entry for the jam : a game where you have to hurt the scout! This is strongly inspired by a game I enjoyed a lot as a child, Porrasturvat : Stair dismount.
  10. Brogrammist

    Rocket Jumping VR

    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE:!xEN0AAyJ!8uBYOONnHEdaxCVlIsWPaYUkX0VIIB7XS6Z6fIVmvuk I thought to myself, "Hey TF2, is great, VR is great, but it doesn't feel good to play TF2 in VR." *Proceeds to snap neck in attempt to rocket jump* So I thought I'd fix that with this TF2 Summer Jam...
  11. C

    Team Fortress 2: Survive TF2S 0.2

    Team Fortress 2: Survive is an Above View Shooter made in Clickteam Fusion by me (Corton) and my friend (Salt227). How to play: Use WASD to move, the Mouse to aim and the Left Mouse Button to shoot. fight off enemies and collect Packages, when you gather 15 a boss will spawn, this will repeat 5...
  12. Synglaas

    Intruder Alert v1.2

    Note: The last update during the 72hr Jam broke Level 3. A fixed version can be found on page 2 of the discussion. A small puzzle game in which you attempt to steal the intelligence briefcase. Made using Unity, Blender, Paint.NET, and Audacity Uses models and sound effects from Team Fortress 2...
  13. BigBthefluffyredneck

    A Silly Video I Made About The Oppression Of Gamers Current Version 7-28-2018

    I feel the video describes what I can say about my message more than what I can do in this little description tag. I made a silly Youtube Video to help get awareness for Gamer Charities, like Childs Play.
  14. Mozz_Gaming

    TF2 program chashes when 'waiting for players'

    the map renders fine as but when i spawn in the timer for 'waiting for players' comes up and stars from 28 seconds which i know is normal. however, the game crashes when that timer hits 1 or 2 seconds left. i checked to see if it does it on any other map (such as ctf_2fort) but they all work...
  15. ☜Freekill☞

    Team Fotress 2: Minigames 2.0

    TF2 Minigames is an ongoing project aiming to add a minigame every single 72 Hour TF2 Jam, this is my second upload so there are 2 minigames. I'm always looking for feedback, if you have time please leave a comment in the thread. MINIGAMES: ??? - 2016 Winter Jam ??? - 2016 Summer Jam...
  16. TheKlin

    Demo vs Scouts 2017-08-07

    Hello, I made browser game in Construct 2. Introducing: Demo vs Scouts. Playable version >Here<, source code submited. Coding by me, graphics by Tyt00s Warning for headphones users, sounds are to loud. Tough with time.
  17. BigBang1112

    Tic Tac Toe TF2 2017-08-07

    Choose 1 of 3 rooms to play a game with another guy on the opposite team. Shoot the ready button whenever you're ready. You will be teleported to the room where you can play an actual 5x5 Tic Tac Toe game. Shoot the squares to add your symbol. Whoever gets four in row or diagonally, wins. Once...
  18. Kikouille Master

    Spycrebs 2017-08-06

    Spycrebs is a game where you, the heavy, are trying to fish for spycrabs. Everybody knows they like french cuisine, but sometimes you can also find them on the beach. The best way to catch them is to grab them from behind with two fingers. It's still dangerous because you can get pinched pretty...
  19. DonutVikingChap

    ASCII Fortress 2 2.0.0

    This year I decided to do something a little bit special for the 72hr TF2 jam. ASCII Fortress 2 is a full-fledged online multiplayer game coded from scratch in C++17 using SFML (SDL since 2.0.0), featuring ASCII console graphics (think Rogue from 1980) and real-time class-based gameplay with...
  20. ☜Freekill☞

    72hr Team Fortress 2: Minigames 1.4

    TF2 Minigames is an ongoing project aiming to add a minigame every single 72 Hour TF2 Jam. I'm always looking for feedback, if you have time please leave a comment in the thread. MINIGAMES: ??? - 2016 Winter Jam ??? - 2016 Summer Jam BlockBreaker - 2017 Winter Jam MUSIC: Main Menu - Rocket...