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Intruder Alert v1.2

A TF2 Puzzle Game

  1. Synglaas
    Note: The last update during the 72hr Jam broke Level 3. A fixed version can be found on page 2 of the discussion.

    A small puzzle game in which you attempt to steal the intelligence briefcase.

    Made using Unity, Blender, Paint.NET, and Audacity
    Uses models and sound effects from Team Fortress 2
    May contain traces of peanuts


    1. Intruder Alert Screenshot 2.png
    2. Intruder Alert Screenshot with Props.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Game-Breaking Bug
  2. Changed version string
  3. retying again

Recent Reviews

    Version: v1.1
    This game is amazing and so creative for 72 hrs! I loved playing every minute of it, and It seemed to do a good job of leading players to objectives.
    The audio Queues where genius too!
  2. deluxghost
    Version: v1.1
    best fan-made tf2 minigame of the year
  3. PrivateerMan
    Version: beta
    A simple, yet still surprisingly challenging little game! Wish it was longer!
    1. Synglaas
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Were there any points at which you got stuck?