Team Fortress 2: Survive TF2S 0.2

Above View Shooter

  1. Corton
    Team Fortress 2: Survive is an Above View Shooter made in Clickteam Fusion by me (Corton) and my friend (Salt227).

    How to play: Use WASD to move, the Mouse to aim and the Left Mouse Button to shoot. fight off enemies and collect Packages, when you gather 15 a boss will spawn, this will repeat 5 times, each time the bosses health will increase by 1000. after defeating all five bosses you will unlock a new weapon to use.

    To download you simply have to download the .zip, unzip it and run the game.

    I made the game, the background and the robots

    Salt227 made the menus and the pickup sprites, along with some general input.

    Some sound effects from TF2.

    Our Steam Profiles:
    Mine -
    Salt227's -

    We hope you enjoy.


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  1. Fixed damage

Recent Reviews

  1. Brogrammist
    Version: TF2S 0.2
    Good stuff guys, the graphics aren't something to write home about but it's put together quite nicely and feels good to play overall!