Team Fortress Project 2.5 - Penurious Purification 2019-08-05

Touhou Fortress will live forever! Spoiler: Scout kills Ricardo

  1. Brogrammist

    You can find the post jam bug-free release with an accompanying video here!


    Arrow Keys - Move
    Z - Shoot
    X - Use Bonk (Brief Invincibility, recharges over time)
    Left Shift - Slow down and reveal hitbox
    Left Control to skip through text

    In a brief retelling of the strange happenings that occurred after the July 25th 2019 Team Fortress 2 update, play as Scout as he fights off the spirit of Ricardo embodying his friend Soldier whose trying desperately to sell him dirty hats at dirt cheap prices!

    This is a bullet-hell shooter featuring the theme of Team Fortress 2 that's heavily inspired by the Touhou Project shooter games.

    Features one boss battle since we had busy lives and had to sit out like almost a day. Very sorry there's no complete stage ;_;

    All of the art was made completely new and fresh, music was self-composed, code was all done from scratch or borrowed from existing libraries.

    Some sound effects were borrowed from these organizations:
    Team Shanghai Alice
    Valve Corporation

    This jam entry was done in a collaboration by these fine people:

Recent Reviews

  1. Kikouille Master
    Kikouille Master
    Version: 2019-08-05
    A really cool game!
    The graphics are neat, the story is funny, and the patterns works very well!
    I'm crap at bullet hell shooters so I am very glad you can die as many times as you need haha