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  1. NTMonsty

    Pine Tree B1

    I decided to recreate my first playable map Pine Hill in a manner that made it smaller and easier to navigate. This map is a Capture the Flag map set in a large logging site, where the RED and BLU teams fight over documents related to log extraction, as they hold "Amazing powers". This map...
  2. DrDapper

    pl_Launch_rem V2

    primarily cave based
  3. Mess About

    alb a12

    I was inspired to make this map when watching lucrative ( View: ) testing competitive maps, basically some ideas came up then i just started making one.
  4. zythe_

    Hunt a4

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] [Screenshots outdated] Forget about freeman. Hunt down players on this map instead!
  5. Jaidendestroyer

    Forest Frontier A1

    Forest Frontier A forest themed mvm map hey, this is my first map, Forest Frontier! The missions for this map are just for testing, so if you have any ideas on what should be in the waves and mission be sure to say it :) Anyway, hope you have fun playing my map. Criticism Welcome!
  6. Flareblood

    cp_fulljosh A6B

    No demons and/or heavy metal included. Sorry.
  7. FRAЭR

    Rivedge A1_1

    I basically wanted to make a detail map, but I thought it will be a good idea if I turn it to KOTH gamemode. So here it is, KOTH_Rivedge SPECIAL THANKS TO: Manndarinchik (Map Tester) Frontline Team BulletCrops Team mrmof A Boojum Snark Noggin If you find any glitches or ERROR models, please...
  8. ganglyste@m

    pl_upstreamed a1

    this is the new version of my first map pl_upstream but this time it's much better, i think... it's a payload map in a pine forest along a stream that leads into the ocean.
  9. samjooma

    Snow Train a1

    An attack/defend map with 2 control points. Blue team is trying to take control of a train track in the middle of a snowy forest.
  10. Simulacron

    Logvalley b9

    MvM Logvalley is the first mvm map I made. It's set in a yukon-forest style an takes place in a facility that was owned by Red but is now part of Mann and Co. I already started detailing and there are no dev-textures left, however some places will be further detailed in the future. At the...
  11. Diva Dan

    Tall thin pine trees 2.1

    Hi! This is a small content pack that'll be updated as time progresses. (A few examples) Below is a to-do list of what I plan on adding. More tree variants, such as different amounts of leaves Dead tree variant Trees of different heights Treesway skin Snow skin Prop skycards EDIT...
  12. Narpas

    Klondike a3

    A Player Destruction map set at a gold mine in the Klondike region of Canada. Features two alternating moving trains as the capture zone, and golden ingots as the pickup. Fulfills the third row for the Connect 5 contest (Moving Train, Snow, Day, Alpine/Forest, and Symmetrical) Screenshots:
  13. Dr. Bum |SCG|

    Lumberwoods_a1 2018-01-28

    Lumberwoods is a Payload map made for the Connect 5 contest. The map can use a lot more polish, but I need player testing at this point (and bots are generally unreliable). And that's all there is to be said about this map. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  14. AlphaOwl

    Mine Cave A2

    A simple forestry cave themed King of the Hill Map. Currently a WIP, but most map designs are permanent. Please leave feedback and changes you'd like to see to the map. It's my first proper map, so I thought I'd show it. Thanks!
  15. Infomaniac

    Sanctuary A3

    This map is based off of Merasmus' Castle that is now a Sanctuary for all of the Raccoons in the Badlands. Credits : Tumbolisu : Merasmus Statue ASG_Alligator : Enclosure door
  16. KrazyZark

    Multi Stage sidewind sidewind_b2

    This is my first TF2 map I'v gone this far into making, it would be very kind if you could send some feedback on how I could improve it.
  17. Szpaj

    koth_orange_bridges a2

    Orange Bridges is KOTH map with nice autumn climate. Two bridges that connect to control point. You can jump on spawn roofs with soldier/engie. Im not good at english so that's all. Also, this is my 2nd ever created map - Created in only one day!. Feel free to use for servers. Any...
  18. LilBerB

    koth_authec (BETA) vB

    NOTE: THIS IS THE FIRST VERSION OF THIS MAP. THIS IS NOT A FULLY COMPLETED MAP. IMPROVEMENTS WILL BE MADE IN THE NEXT VERSION. This is my very first map I made. I know it isn't that good, but I will be making improvements. In the next version, I will change the ground up a bit instead of it...
  19. Zoomspilo

    Lumber [FORGOTTEN]

    [FORGOTTEN] RED and BLU own two neighboring lumber mills, one industrial, the other a hand-done mill. This is my first map, probably not good, but I tried! It's currently in its first draft, with it's main feature being the two raised buildings next to the respective spawns, with one ramp up, a...
  20. Necrσ

    Trailblazer (72hr version) B1

    This map is being re-developed into a full 5cp remake! Check it out here Trailblazer is a 3cp map, similar to cp_powerhouse. Created for the 2017 summer 72hour jam. Thanks to void and the contributors to the autumn mini-pack specifically for custom content found in the map Screenshots: