The Last Tree

The Last Tree a6

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The Last Tree a6

The 2 teams are fighting for the last tree left on the farm

This is my first map, i think i did a good job, there are quite a few trimp spots, not really a lot of flank routes, its quite open. Some parts were inspired by viaduct and some by harvest. Also the cp hologram is way higher on the tree. There are some texture issues but they dont really affect the gameplay
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. something unfinished

    i added some stuff and did some optimization, the file is compiled in fast mode so the optimization doesnt work, i dont have time to do a normal compile, if you want to do a normal compile yourself or scream at me for how bad i did something...
  2. Fixed pretty much all complaints about the map

    fixed the sightlines, added 2 more platforms, made the doorways larger, rotated the beam textures by 90 degrees, removed some health packs, made the point less of a projectile magnet, and added a secret
  3. fixed some clipping issues and health and ammo patches

    fixed some clipping issues and health and ammo patches

Latest reviews

Really liked the layout, awesome work!
Pretty good for a first map.