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  1. Heili

    Infuse [MvM] B1a

    Mann Co.'s rural wheat farm takes wheat-production to new production highs. In fact, our facility produces more wheat than bullet casings and rockets than ANY OTHER WHEAT FARM in America. That's a fact! Unfortunately, this perpetuated lie is quickly falling apart as Gray Mann's robot horde have...
  2. S

    Waterfront RC3_2

    An entry into the Mappers vs. Machines contest! Possum Springs - a quaint little mining town with a rich history of coal miners, factory workers, and questionable environmental protection policies. But now, their long-held heritage of polluting the lake water with chemicals is in danger, as the...
  3. Peredice

    SupplySabotage B4

    Hello everyone! My name is Peredice and I've been working on a payload map called SupplySabotage. I've been working on it since 2016.07.16. (This isn't my first map) I come here because I need help from you guys. I'm looking for people to test this map for me and tell your opinion about it. I'm...
  4. Ruffer

    Foris b10

    The layout is taken from my previous map, pl_waterworks, but the map has changed so much since I last updated it that I felt like it needed a new page. It uses the alpine theme. I'm planning on improving clipping and polish, but I'm not changing some of the detailing (like the trims around most...
  5. hutty

    DeepWoods A4

    This map takes place in a cramped yet defend-able forest. First take the outpost building, then move upwards towards the base.
  6. Startacker!

    Asym2 Laadeedaa a5b

    This was originally a Territorial Control map, but because TC is so convoluted and messy I dropped it. Then I made it a gravelpit style A+B>C map, that sucked. So now it's just an A/D map. Still offering bonus points for whoever guesses where "laadeedaa" comes from
  7. Billo

    Koth_WaterFall 2016-05-19

    Greetings From Koth_WaterFall! Do You Like Water? Netheir do i so why not come to the WaterFall? a King OF The Hill Map WorkShop Link: