cp_mill Alpha

An Attack/Defend Map with Koth-feeling playable both normal and medieval mode

  1. Yelta + 옐다
    "Mill" translates into german as "Mühle", which is also the name of the tabletop game Nine Men's Morris here. Still you can see that the layout is inspired by this.

    The map design is heavily ispired by Degroot Keep and when Spawncamping is getting too annoying the gamemode can be switched to Medieval Mode without any problems in the gameplay.

    On this map, everybody can decide for himself wether he wants to fight inside the castle or rather take place in the forrest warfare. Depending on which team you are on, this can be either the defensive or offensive option, since in this scenario the blue team has to invade the red castle.

    Above the squares of the fort and the tents in the forests a network of woodplanks brings you to the four controll points. Everybody wants to get to the top, to attack or defend or to get a view of players hidden from the other people at the bottom. But you have to be careful, as soon as you step on the highground you are exposed to the entire enemy team, giving the players the ultimate King-of-the-hill-Feeling.

    Toofty is a Team Fortress 2 Youtuber and Streamer. In one of his lifestreams he had the idea to eat a cookie with autotune. Meant as a joke, I wrote that he is "cringe" in the chat. That kept him so occupied that he explained what he understands as "cringe" and unintentionally spilled his drink over the keyboard. Kinda thanks to me he had to end the stream early. To apologize and to increase the chances of my map being played on his server I put his logo close to the Red team's spawn.

    There still are some lightglitches, imperfect placed brushes, the outmost wall is the skybox and there hasn't been any multiplayer playtesting so far. That's why it's called "Alpha", but the compiles of this map take so long that there might not be a beta version. Still, if you know any improvements, please comment. And it would be nice if you left a few stars here as well.