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Box Elder A5

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Box Elder A5

Two Hydroelectric companies fight around a filled river in the middle of a gorge.

Its spring. It's in the middle of March. There's a torrential downpour that just occured, and it just swept over Jeremiah's Gorge. Jeremiah id not appreciate this, as he just built two massive office buildings that had to close due to the downpour. He decided to sell the land, which was a modern marvel of landscaping, building a massive plot of land over a river in his gorge. The RED and BLU teams decided to buy the land, not knowing they were both right next to each other. The two teams have never stopped fighting since.
The map features a relatively complicated middle area, where you deposit the intelligence inside of a structured hill with several ramps leading onto it, and an underground section right inside the hill. There are also some trees on the flat summit of the hill, for cover, I guess.
There are two floors to the teams' bases, on where the Intelligence is, and one where the teams spawn. The intelligence rooms are both outdoor, with a little structure containing the Intel.
The map is still in development, and has lots of dev textures. I hope those who download it enjoy it, as I hope to improve it if necessary.
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