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  1. Cincomma

    Acreage A1

    A rotationally-symmetrical 5cp map centered around comp gameplay
  2. MacRipley

    Generic Farm assets v1

    Includes custom textures, patch decals, and models. Would like credit if used :)
  3. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil's Custom CP HUD Icons v1

    This is custom control points hud icons for your map. Including: - Tank - Fountain - Wineshop - Church - Barn - Pine Tree - Warehouse - Heart - Bridge - Train - Saxton Hale - Elevator - Platform I was inspired by the game Day of Defeat. Gonna make more if you want. If you need your special...
  4. AliDances

    Turdbine V3

    Love playing Turbine but don't want to be stuck in a dark, dusty, old factory? How about playing in a bright, dusty, old farm instead! Welcome to Turdbine... This map has almost the exact same layout and dimensions as the original Turbine, except that I added a roof extension to each team's...
  5. HQDefault

    cp_woodgrant A5

    It's the 72hr jam so gotta map fast
  6. Rissy

    Travel Trouble 2018-07-28

    Small description: Yep, this is my first project made for this contest. Maybe it`s not so well done poster, but still looks pretty good. Made in 7 hours using Hammer World Editor for geometry of the poster, SFM for main details and the Photoshop for polishing. Content used: -Model of Cosmich on...
  7. The Siphon

    Dale A2

    KOTH Dale is a map set in the green farm lands somewhere in the USA. Red and Blu are fighting over the midground between the more industrious Blu and more traditional Red. After years of lurking on the forums and couple years since my first gameplay map, I decided to give it a second go...
  8. Da Living Bagel

    CP_Trinity finished

    This is the final dev version of Trinity (unless I get feedback on the layout...), soon I will move onto the detailing phase. Edit: Recompiled with CompilePal so hopefully it won't be a sore on the TF2maps server...
  9. Da Living Bagel

    CP_Trinity A1

    This map is my latest and greatest. Designed around Team Fortress 2's original themes and playstyles, Trinity is a unique map that has a very direct flow to it. The setting is a seemingly normal Red-controlled barn which Blu must infiltrate and capture to find several options to get to the...
  10. Mazata

    Farmfall rc1

    My entry for the connect 5 contest! Farmfall, a farm and industial area in a late autumn night Thanks to KaidemonLP for fixing bugs and problems: My profile(s)...
  11. Rissy

    Alpine Depo Beta 11

    After 3 months of development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.. Hey guys, Rissy here. Finally I finished my quite well map (without interior, still) and I can submit it to you! This map were made for Connect 5 contest, you can find some more information here. Alpine Depo is a King...
  12. Aapelikaeki

    Hayheights A10

    Hayheights is a Harvest-style king of the hill map where you fight over an overgrown generator that is the last hope for blue to get their blown-up base back to work.
  13. FloofCollie

    Cowbell A2

    Hopefully, this'll be my first finished map! All aesthetics are placeholders! Most of the layout is subject to chopping and changing, too. Cowbell - a King of the Hill map inspired by Lakeside, Viaduct and all those farm maps! Soon to be included - cows! PS. there are lots of visible seams in...
  14. nesman

    FarmValley a2

    Oh look a farm themed map! Red's and Blu's fight over a grain production facility.
  15. vulduv

    koth brain mill A4

    this is a halloween map. it takes place on a farm. but instead of grain. its BRAIN! and theirs a wheel, of, FATE! or DOOM! ? idk. *vulduv hit itself in its confusion*
  16. Ruffer

    Willow A1

    Made for the 72hr Jam, it's a KOTH map set on a farm of some kind. I'll most likely be updating it during the remaining time.
  17. Wilfire

    Skybox Farm Buildings 2017-08-05

    Complete with barn interior.
  18. Asd417

    cp_barley a4

    Its a 2fort-style Dynamic A/D 4cp please disregard the horrible fps config
  19. Ruffer

    Hilltop B3

    This is my first full TF2 map which is a KOTH map set on a farm.
  20. ProfHappycat

    pl_cropduster a1d

    first attempt at a pl map - originally made during the tf2maps 2016 summer tf2 jam :jimijam: